York Rite in South Central PA

Degrees and Orders


School of Instruction Schedule

Gettysburg @ 7pm

March 28th       Workshop

April 25th         Official Visit of Grand Commander

May 23rd          rehearse Red Cross

June 27th         rehearse Red Cross

July 25th          rehearse Red Cross


Commandery Orders

August 11th   at   York

Till launch

Mark Master Mason                        February 19th @ 7:30pm           Chambersburg

Most Excellent Master Mason       March 19th @ 7:30pm                 Chambersburg

Royal Arch Mason                          April 16th @ 7:30pm                   Chambersburg

Royal Master Mason                      October 3rd @ 7:30                     Chambersburg

Select Master Mason                     December 5th @ 7:30                  Chambersburg